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The Ohio Turnpike 2017 Snow and Ice

The Ohio Turnpike made its final preparations for the upcoming winter season. Turnpike customers expect a premium road to travel during the winter and When required, crews will work 12-hour shifts seven days a week to provide customers with a safe and reliable route.

The Ohio Turnpike’s Full-Depth Pavement Replacement Program

The Ohio Turnpike's Full-Depth Pavement Replacement Program is the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission’s largest capital improvement program.

Replacing the pavement across the Turnpike’s 241 miles is necessary because most of the original base pavement dates to the 1950s. The project, estimated at $1.4 billion over its life, will take until at least 2040 to complete. In 2016, there are four such projects in Erie, Lorain (featured), Trumbull and Mahoning Counties under way at a combined cost of approximately $76 million.

Ohio Turnpike Customer Appreciation Events

2016 Ohio Turnpike Customer Appreciation Days!

Ohio Turnpike Native Gardens

The Ohio Turnpike Native Gardens project is a partnership between the Ohio Turnpike, Keep Ohio Beautiful, Keep Lorain County Beautiful and the Davey Tree Expert Co. Students from Lorain County Joint Vocational School were on hand to install the gardens at the plazas.

The 17 species of native plants used in the gardens are all perennials. They’re adapted to Ohio soil and climate, are easy to care for and are naturally drought-resistant. Other native species in this planting are tolerant of frequent flooding and wet soils. They also attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife

Ohio Turnpike - Work Zone Awareness: Heroes of our Highways

Ohio Turnpike Executive Director Randy Cole shares a message from Amy Fletcher, mother of three and widow of John Fletcher, an Ohio Turnpike assistant foreman who was struck and killed by a truck driver in a Turnpike construction zone in March of 2012.

Ohio Turnpike - 2016 National Work Zone Awareness

Ohio Turnpike Executive Director Randy Cole discusses the importance of slowing down in work zones. The life you save might be your own. Don't be THAT Driver.


Distracted Driving: The Consequences can be Devastating (November 23, 2015)

Arrive safely by paying attention behind the wheel, a Public Service Video by the Ohio Turnpike and Ohio State Highway Patrol Using a hand-held cell phone while driving is dangerous for three reasons: You take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel and your mind off the driving task. Studies show that someone texting behind the wheel takes their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. Driving at 70 miles per hour – that’s enough time to drive the length of a football field and a half.  Lead by example and take the Ohio Turnpike’s pledge to drive distraction-free at ohioturnpike.org. You’ll get to your destination safely and everyone will be thankful. Take the pledge … you may even win a Sunoco Gas Card.

Ohio Turnpike 2015 Snow & Ice  #WinterReady (October 30,2015)

A first-hand look at Ohio Turnpike crews preparing the #OHTPK equipment for the winter season. Crews work around-the-clock to clear snow and treat roadways so that travelers can arrive at their destinations safely. Fast falling snow and whiteout conditions, combine with blowing and drifting snow, make maintaining the roadway a continuous effort. The use of 95 snow plows, 8 tow plows and nearly 100 tons of salt, Ohio Turnpike crews do a superb job keeping driving conditions safe for the motoring public.

Ohio Turnpike 60th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Audio Recording (October 19, 2015)

The Ohio Turnpike recently preserved its collection of historical film and Audio footage from the earliest days of construction. This is the third selection posted in observance of the 60th Anniversary (Oct. 1, 1955).
The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission pays tribute to the official opening of the Ohio Turnpike, which occurred at the Westgate plaza in Williams County on Oct. 1, 1955. At 12:01 a.m. Gov. Frank J. Lausche declared, “Remove all barricades. Open the gates and let the traffic flow!”

Ohio History Barn Timelapse (October 7, 2015)

In celebration of the #‎OHTPK 60th Anniversary, we were proud to participate with the Ohio History Connection and other local organizations in painting an Ohio History Barn just west of Exit 91 (SR 53 - Fremont). Many thanks to our partners - Ohio History Connection, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Scott Hagan and the Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ohio Turnpike 60th anniversary Archival Film Footage: Scene Two (August 12,2015)

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Ohio Turnpike took place on Oct. 27, 1952. Ground was broken on the site of Pier 3 of the Cuyahoga River Bridge on the west bank of the Cuyahoga River in Boston Township, Ohio, in Summit County. The site is also historic inasmuch as the first Turnpike construction contract awarded was for the substructure (piers and abutments) of the Cuyahoga River Bridge, the longest (2,682 feet) structure of the project. It was awarded to the Horvitz Company of Cleveland, whose bid of $1,163,433 was the lowest of 17 bids submitted.This scene shows iron workers moving about on the original superstructure of the Cuyahoga River Bridge. The structure outlived its useful life and was demolished in 2003 to make way for a new bridge.

Ohio Turnpike 60th Anniversary Archival Film Footage: Scene One (July 8, 2015)

The Ohio Turnpike recently dusted off its archival materials and discovered film from the earliest days of the planning, construction, inspection and opening of the Turnpike. Recently digitized film footage will be shared monthly during the remainder of 2015 in short clips starting with this edition. The enormity of planning and constructing a 241-mile super highway from the Pennsylvania border to the Indiana border in 38 months cannot be understated. Sharing these clips from yesteryear helps exhibit the commitment it took to plan, build and fully open the Ohio Turnpike on Oct. 1, 1955. This first scene chronicles Ohio Turnpike Commission Chairman James W. Shocknessy (far left) and others as they visit and inspect the Maumee River Twin Bridge project in 1954.

Get there Alive  Ohio Turnpike & OSHP  Public Service Announcement (May 21, 2015)

Trooper Andrew Clouser was injured during an accident on the Ohio Turnpike when he was struck and pinned by a vehicle as he attempted to assist a victim. Recently, Trooper Clouser appeared in a Public Service Announcement produced by OSHP, the Ohio Turnpike and seniors at Avon High School in Avon, Ohio. The seniors were led by their instructor in Language Arts and Media, Mr. Michael Tokarczyk. The lasting message being conveyed is that customers should slow down for their safety during bad weather and pay close attention to the driving task


Move Over Or Slow Down…it’s the Law (January 17, 2014)

The new version of Ohio’s “Move Over Law” requires motorists to slow down and, as conditions permit,shift to an adjacent lane when approaching construction, maintenance and public utilities commission vehicles that are parked on the roadside with flashing, oscillating or rotating lights. Since 2008, more than 600 collisions occurred between the traveling public and roadway maintenance vehicles and equipment. Move Over or Slow Down…it’s the Law

Ohio Turnpike Crews Battling Winter Weather (January 2, 2014)

A first-hand look at Ohio Turnpike crews as they battled the severe winter snow storm that hit northeast Ohio toward the end of December (2013).  Crews worked around-the-clock to clear snow and treat roadways so that travelers could arrive at their destinations safely.  Fast falling snow and whiteout conditions, combined with blowing and drifting snow, made maintaining the roadway a continuous effort.  With the use of 95 snow plows, 8 tow plows and nearly 10 tons of salt, Ohio Turnpike crews did a superb job keeping driving conditions safe for the motoring public.

Service Plazas on the Ohio Turnpike (August 23, 2013)

Service plazas are open 24-hours a day, every day of the year (including holidays). Popular restaurant choices, convenience stores and gift shops where E-ZPass  is available, modern restrooms (including family restrooms), WiFi, picnic areas, telephones, ATMs, vending and Ohio Lottery machines are available at each location. Even E-ZPass transponders are available here, for use on your next trip. 

E-ZPass on the Ohio Turnpike (June 5, 2013)

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to enter and exit the Turnpike without stopping to receive a ticket or to pay the toll.  E-ZPass saves both time and money. Travelers receive a discount from their toll charge for using E-ZPass. In fact, you can save up to 50% on tolls using E-ZPass instead of paying cash at the toll booth. Even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, the potential savings is worth looking into.

Turnpike snow plows clearing the median wall (January 25, 2013)

Ohio Turnpike maintenance crews work in tandem with several snow plows and the tow plow to clear the median wall following a major snow event.

Ohio Turnpike Tow Plow safety message for motorists (January 24, 2013)

To clear more snow in less time, the Ohio Turnpike maintenance crews are using new equipment called the Tow Plow to clear two lanes with one vehicle.  Watch and see the Tow Plow in action.