The Ohio Turnpike will issue permits for travel with vehicles that exceed legal load and dimension specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Special Hauling Permits for over-dimensional and overweight vehicles, Long Combination Vehicles (Long Doubles and Triples), traveling with a Convoy (5 or more vehicles), and traveling with Hazmat products.  Each of the aforementioned items then has a section specifically for that subject with forms that can be downloaded or printed.

Special Hauling Permit Information

Special Hauling Permit Information
Holiday/Construction Restrictions
Over-dimensional and Overweight Permit Fees
Special Hauling Interchanges List

Long Combination Vehicle Program

Provisions Covering Permits for Long Double Trailer Combinations
Application to Operate Long Double Trailer Combinations
Provisions Covering Permits for Triple Trailer Combinations
Application to Operate Triple Trailer Combinations
Application for Long Combination Vehicle Equipment Permit
Long Combination Vehicle Driver Certification Form
Inspection Check List LCV Driver

Convoy Travel

Convoy Information
Convoy Application


Please be advised that the Commission has become aware of the increase in incidents pertaining to semi-tractor trailers (“trucks”) hitting toll booths and causing property damage. The drivers of these large trucks have been hitting the attenuators and cement barriers protecting the booths as well as hitting the toll booths with their mirrors or the actual vehicles. Although many of the recent incidents have not been severe, the potential legal liability pertaining to bodily injury and property damage is significant.

The Ohio Turnpike is a safe, well-designed and well maintained Interstate that was built to accommodate larger heavier vehicles. With this in mind, drivers should be reminded to always drive at a safe speed and proceed with caution when in toll plaza areas. There is often a presence of employees, pedestrians, maintenance and construction vehicles in the toll plaza areas. Their safety and that of motorists and the traveling public is of the utmost concern to the Commission.

The maximum speed limit in toll plaza areas is ten (10) miles per hour. Truck drivers should always maintain a safe speed in all areas, including toll plazas.