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1950 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
01-03-50 Minutes of the 4th Meeting pdf 253 KB Download
01-17-50, 01-18-50 and 02-07-50 Minutes of the 5th Meeting pdf 659 KB Download
02-07-50 Minutes of the 6th Meeting pdf 279 KB Download
03-07-50 Minutes for the 7th Meeting pdf 217 KB Download
03-28-50 Minutes of the 8th Meeting pdf 175 KB Download
05-26-50 Minutes of the 9th Meeting pdf 865 KB Download
07-14-50 Minutes of the 10th Meeting pdf 471 KB Download
07-25-50 Minutes of the 11th Meeting pdf 243 KB Download
08-03-50 Minutes of the 12th Meeting pdf 266 KB Download
08-15-50 Minutes of the 13th Meeting pdf 616 KB Download
10-10-50 Minutes of the 14th Meeting pdf 557 KB Download
10-24-50 Minutes of the 15th Meeting pdf 457 KB Download
11-21-50 Minutes of the 16th Meeting pdf 620 KB Download

1950 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1950 Resolution Approving the Report of the Dir. of Highways and Recommends that Studies be Continued as to the Specific Point of Terminiation of the Western Ext. at the OH-PA Border pdf 191 KB Download
02-1950 Resolution Changing the Time of the Regular Meeting pdf 106 KB Download
03-1950 Resolution Authorizes and Empowers the Ohio Turnpike Commission to Adopt an Official Seal pdf 145 KB Download
04-1950 Resolution Re-Affirms Previous Position and Urges the Director of Highways to Proceed Forthwith Engineering and Other Studies Necessary to Determine Feasibility of an Ohio Turnpike pdf 178 KB Download
05-1950 Resolution The Commission Hereby Approves and Concurs With Selection for a Location, Design and Estimate of Cost Study - J. E. Greiner Co. pdf 302 KB Download
06-1950 Resolution The Commission Hereby Approves and Concurs With Selection for a Engineering, Traffic and Revenue Study - Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Hall & MacDonald pdf 285 KB Download
07-1950 Resolution The Commission Hereby Approves and Concurs With the Determination by the Dir. of Highways to Expend Funds for the Purpose of Collaborating in the Engr' Studies pdf 285 KB Download
08-1950 Resolution Be It Resolved that the Commission Commends Mr. Robert W. Van Atta of the Ohio Dept. of Highways in Executing Embossed Plaques of the Seal of the Commission pdf 119 KB Download
09-1950 Resolution Be It Resolved that the Embossed Plaque Presented by Robert W. Van Atta is Accepted as the Facsimile of the Official Plaque of the Commission pdf 104 KB Download
10-1950 Resolution Resolving that the Turnpike Route Described Within Said One-Mile Band as Originally Recommended on July 25, 2950, is Hereby Approved for Study pdf 160 KB Download