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Incident Management Playbook


Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is the coordinated detection, response to and removal of traffic incidents and the restoration of traffic capacity as quickly and safely as possible. TIM is a coordinated effort both internally and externally.

Traffic incident management (TIM) depends on communication among responsible personnel
(e.g., in incident reporting, response dispatch, and traffic management). Experience gained from each incident provides opportunities to improve our TIM performance. Both communication and learning from experience are being enhanced by new technology and management practices, such as Google Maps Traffic, geo-located device inventory (GIS), communication procedures (e.g., standardization of terminology and adoption of shared radio frequencies), and channels for communicating with travelers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission (OTIC) is committed to the efficient operation of the Ohio Turnpike. While various police and fire agencies have the statutory authority to close travel lanes, the Commission shall minimize the disruption to the traveling public by assisting with traffic control, developing pre-planned route diversions and advocating quick clearance of major traffic crashes.

The primary goal in creating a playbook is to think ahead to the possibilities and make
contingency plans while acknowledging that it is impossible to plan for every scenario.

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Incident Management Playbook