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Electrify America Charging

The Ohio Turnpike is happy to provide 16 Electrify America charging stations feature 50 kilowatt (kW), 150kW and 350kW DC Fast Chargers. 


The charging stations are located at:

 Service Plazas 
Milepost 20.8 
  Service Plazas 
Milepost 76.9 
 Indian Meadow (WB)
Tiffin River (EB)
Blue Heron (WB)
  Wyandot (EB)

Plug, Pay, Charge and Go!

plug in


Choose a compatible DC fast connector and plug in

Electrify America stations offer CCSCHAdeMO, and J1772™ connectors. This means that almost every EV model on the road today can charge with us.

When using an Electrify America station, look for the green label for CCS or the blue label for CHAdeMO. The maximum available power level is displayed directly below the connectors, ranging from 50kW up to 350kW. If your EV isn’t capable of charging at the maximum power level, our chargers will automatically give you the fastest charge your car can handle. Just plug in and the charger display screen or the Electrify America mobile app will tell you all you need to know and help manage the charging session.

The dual charging cables are not designed to charge two vehicles at the same time, but rather to easily reach your car’s charging port—no matter where it’s located. If either connector is in use, look for a different open charger. Most Electrify America locations will have four or more chargers at a station.




Paying for a charge

Electrify America flexible payment options make it easy to pay for a charge.

Electrify America Pass and Electrify America Pass+:
The Electrify America app lets you pay through your phone and even get discounted per-minute rates through the Electrify America Pass+ subscription. Learn more about Electrify America Pass and Electrify America Pass+.

Credit or Debit Card:
Pay at the “pump,” so to speak, by just inserting your card.

You’ll be able to see the cost-per-minute before you begin your session on the charger screen or on the app. Learn more about Electrify America rates.





Check your charging progress

The Electrify America app lets you track your charging progress and opt into notifications. You can get a notification at the start of the charging session, updates on your charging status, a notification when your session is complete, and a receipt after you’ve unplugged. This makes it easy to leave your car during the session and know when you need to get back. If you don’t have the Electrify America app, you can get text notifications by entering your cell phone number when prompted on the charging station screen.




Get back on the road

When your vehicle is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging. The charger screen will tell you when your session is done, and you can get notified either through the app or via text message. Then it’s time to unplug and move out of the parking spot in front of the charger to make room for another EV. If your vehicle is not moved within ten minutes of the completion of your charge, an idle fee of $0.40 per minute will be added to your total session bill. We do this to try to ensure that more people have a chance to charge.