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To be the industry leader in providing safe and efficient transportation services to our customers, communities and partners.
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Commission Meetings

683rd Meeting
March 15, 2021

First NoticeSecond NoticeMeeting AgendaMeeting Minutes
Pending. Pending. Minutes to be approved.

682nd meeting
February 22, 2021

First NoticeSecond NoticeMeeting AgendaMeeting Minutes
Minutes to be approved.
Related Resolutions
11-2021 Resolution JCARR Final Filing of 5 No Change Rules OAC 5537-9
10-2021 Resolution Authorizing Agreement for the Operation of Food and Retail Concessions at SP-7 to AVI Foodsystems
09-2021 Resolution Approving Agreement with RKS for COVID-19 Fumigation Services
08-2021 Resolution for Declaring the Necessity of Appropriating Property 71-19-02
07-2021 Resolution Awarding Suburban Maintenance and Construction, Inc. Project No. 99-20-06
06-2021  Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Sewer Truck under DAS COOP

681st Meeting
January 25, 2021

First NoticeSecond NoticeMeeting AgendaMeeting Minutes
Related Resolutions
01-2021 Resolution Honoring Ohio State Senator Rob McColley
02-2021 Resolution Awarding Shelly  Sands Inc. Project No. 39-20-04
03-2021 Resolution Approving Hill Intl. for Construction Administration 39-20-01 and 39-20-04
04-2021 Resolution Authorizing IVR System and Services under DAS MSA with CBTS
05-2021  Resolution Awarding Contracts for Disabled Vehicle Services