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E-ZPass Fare
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Non E-ZPass Fare
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Savings With E-ZPass
Lorain County West Milepost 142
No Exit Westbound No Entry Eastbound
North Ridgeville-Cleveland
Milepost 151
No Exit Westbound No Entry Eastbound
Lordstown-West Milepost 215
No Exit Westbound No Entry Eastbound
Lordstown-East Milepost 216
No Exit Eastbound No Entry Westbound
Youngstown-Poland Milepost 234
No Exit Eastbound No Entry Westbound


Class 1 
Low 2-axle vehicles and all motorcycles
(including motorcycles pulling trailers)
Class 2 
High 2-axle vehicles and low 3-axle vehicles Class 3 
High 3-axle vehicles and low 4-axle vehicles Class 4 
High 4-axle vehicles and low 5-axle vehicles Class 5 
High 5-axle vehicles and low 6-axle vehicles Class 6 
High 6-axle vehicles and Saddlemounted Vehicles (3 Max) Class 7 
All vehicles with 7 or more axles
(90 feet or less in length)
Class 8 
All vehicles greater than 90 feet in length
high-low Classification

Vehicles under 7'6" in height as measured over the first two axles are classified as LOW.
Please note that there are some plazas from which you can only travel in one direction. Consult the table above for a list of these plazas as choosing an invalid combination will result in an error message.

Schedule of Tolls 2024 - 2028 (Effective Jan. 1, 2024)

Click here for the Schedule of Tolls (2024 - 2028).


Click here for the Schedule of Tolls (2015 – 2023).