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1987 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
06-11-87 Minutes of the 355th Meeting pdf 1372 KB Download
11-09-87 Minutes of the 356th Meeting pdf 1328 KB Download
12-18-87 Minutes of the 357th Meeting pdf 595 KB Download

1987 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1987 Resolution Ratifying Award of Contract CIP 58-87-02 - Construction of New Toll Booths to Replace Temporary Booths as Exits 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 17 - Joseph Lach Construction Company Inc pdf 265 KB Download
02-1987 Resolution Authorizing the Exe Dir to take Immediate Action Concerning the Award of Contracts for Resurfacing of Four Service Plaza Parking Areas and a One Bridge Renovation Project pdf 350 KB Download
03-1987 Resolution Providing for the Modification of Terms of the Turnpike Refunding Revenue Bonds of 1984 of the State of Ohio pdf 301 KB Download
04-1987 Resolution Approving the Location, Design and Construction of an Interchange with I-75 and the Ohio Turnpike in the Vicinity of MP 64.5 in Wood County pdf 490 KB Download
05-1987 Resolution Confirming Election of Officers - Rogers, Cooke and Pinzone pdf 166 KB Download
06-1987 Resoluton Adopting Preliminary Budget for the Fiscal Year 1988 and Providing for Capital Improvement Fund Requiremnts During Said Year pdf 278 KB Download
07-1987 Resolution Approving the Sale and Assignment of Contract SS8-A to Sohio Oil Company pdf 397 KB Download
08-1987 Resolution Aurhorizing the Exe Dir to take Immediate Action Concerning Award of Twenty-Six Bridge Renovation Contracts and Six Roadway Repair, Resurfacing and Guardrail Replacement Contracts pdf 859 KB Download
09-1987 Resolution Authroizing Lease of Real Estate to Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority for a Park and Ride Facility pdf 5039 KB Download
10-1987 Resolution Expressing the Commission's Sorrow and Extending Sympathy to Widow and Children on the Death of O.L. Teagarden pdf 381 KB Download
11-1987 Resolution Expressing the Appreciation to William H Schneider pdf 195 KB Download
12-1987 Resolution Adopting Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1988 pdf 297 KB Download
13-1987 Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to take Immediate Action Concerning Award of Contract FTP 43-88-27 - Bridge Renovation of SR 164 Bridge over the Ohio Turnpike at MP 233.8 pdf 284 KB Download