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1991 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
06-21-91 Minutes of the 370th Meeting pdf 1198 KB Download
11-07-91 Minutes of the 371st Meeting pdf 3024 KB Download
12-18-91 Minutes of the 372nd Meeting pdf 1248 KB Download

1991 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1991 Resolution Amending Certain Sections of the Code of Bylaws - Section 2.10 Authority of the Executive Director pdf 588 KB Download
02-1991 Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to take Immediate Action Concerning Award of Contract CIP 75-90-01 - Removal of Hazardous Waste from the Amherst Maintenance Bldg pdf 265 KB Download
03-1991 Resolution Adopting Numerical Designation and Name for Interchange with SR 2 - Airport Highway - Interchange 3A aka Toledo Airport-Swanton pdf 170 KB Download
04-1991 Resolution Adopting Numberical Designation and name for Interchang with I-75 - Interchange No. 4A aka Perrysburg-Toledo pdf 155 KB Download
05-1991 Resolution Authorizing the Extinguishment of Perpetual Easement for Water Line Purposes Served Middle Ridge and Vermilion Valley SPs - R.L.R. Construction Inc. pdf 292 KB Download
06-1991 Resolution Confirming Election of Officers - Brennan, Fedeli and Bergsmark pdf 130 KB Download
07-1991 Resolution Commending the Long and Meritorious Service of Clarence D Rogers Jr. pdf 334 KB Download
08-1991 Resolution Expressing Appreciation to Douglas E Fairbanks pdf 202 KB Download
09-1991 Resolution Adopting Preliminary Budget for the Fiscal Year 1992 and Providing for Captial Improvement Fund Requirements During Said Year pdf 252 KB Download
10-1991 Resolution Establishing Toll Rates for Interchanges 3A and 4A pdf 2536 KB Download
11-1991 Resolution Designating Administrative or Legislative Agents for the Commission pdf 169 KB Download
12-1991 Resolution Adopting Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1992 pdf 303 KB Download
13-1991 Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to Take Further Action Concerning the Tripartite Agreement pdf 379 KB Download
14-1991 Resolution Awarding a Contract for the Purchase of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for a One-Year Period under Invitation No. 3127 - BP Oil Company pdf 306 KB Download