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Community Room Request Form

Ohio Turnpike Community Room Permit - Request Form

Community Room located at Middle Ridge/Vermilion Service Plaza

Authorized Representative

Room Setup (Select One)

In exchange for the use of the Community Room, the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1.) Customer agrees to pay the Commission a $50.00 (refundable) security deposit, which must be received by the Commission prior to use of the premises. Please mail the security deposit to:

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
682 Prospect Street
Berea, Ohio 44017
Attn: Service Plaza Operations – CRP RF

2.) Customer  shall  heed  to  the directives  of  Commission staff  or any other person authorized to supervise the use of the premises at the time and date set forth above.

3.) Liability for any damages to the premises or additional cleaning not completed by the organization resulting from the use thereof shall be charged to the individual/organization that reserved the room. The Commission does not assume any responsibility whatsoever  for personal property and/or equipment brought onto the property.

4.) Smoking is prohibited.

5.) The property is to be used in a careful, safe and prudent manner with consideration to the customers of the Commission for whose benefit the plazas have been constructed and are maintained. 

6.) All display materials and/or decorations, posters or banners shall be subject to approval by the Commission. No materials may be hung with staples or tacks.

7.) Customer agrees to comply by all laws when using the Community Room. The  Commission reserves   the   right   to   deny   access   to   the   Community   Room   to   any group/organization or  individual(s)  who  violate  any  laws  or  who  have  exhibited  a  disrespectful,  disruptive  or injurious demeanor toward either the Commission's staff, plaza vendors, the premises or members of the traveling public.

8.) The terms and conditions of this permit may be unilaterally modified by the Commission at any time.

Service Plaza Operations Manager