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Lane Conversions at 20 Toll Plaza Interchanges along the Ohio Turnpike Are Nearing Completion

By: Ferzan Ahmed, P.E. Executive Director
Jul 26, 2023, 09:00 AM
Four new and renovated toll plazas on the mainline will enable non-stop open road tolling for E-ZPass customers.
More than 20 construction projects are required to modernize the Ohio Turnpike’s toll collection system (TCS). The TCS modernization plan includes a reduction in the number of toll plazas from 31 to 24.
One of these major projects includes upgrades to 20 toll plaza interchanges from Toll Plaza 52 (Toledo Airport-Swanton) in Lucas County to Toll Plaza 209 (Warren) in Trumbull County.
The lanes at these interchanges are being upgraded with new electronic tolling components, including sensors and technology to read E-ZPass transponders, and to classify vehicles by the number of axles and vehicle height.
The gates from all toll plaza entrance lanes are being removed. The gates in E-ZPass-only exit lanes will remain in the upright position.
Automatic Toll Payment Machines (ATPMs), which accept cash and credit cards, will be available at all 20 toll plaza interchanges as well as the four mainline toll plazas when the TCS is completed.
Four mainline toll plazas will enable non-stop open road tolling for E-ZPass customers.
The new construction and renovation of four mainline toll plazas will enable E-ZPass customers to travel non-stop across the 241-mile toll road. Customers without an E-ZPass will be required to stop for a ticket and/or pay a toll with cash or by credit card.
 The construction of Westgate Toll Plaza at milepost 4 in Williams County is expected to be completed in mid-August 2023. Swanton Toll Plaza at milepost 49 in Lucas County was completed in 2021. Newton Falls Toll Plaza at milepost 211 in Trumbull County was completed earlier this year. The renovation of Eastgate Toll Plaza at milepost 239 in Mahoning County has begun and is expected to be completed by spring 2024.
 The new TCS system and the technology behind it are a big step forward in safety, efficiency, and convenience for the Ohio Turnpike’s passenger car and commercial truck customers to reach east and west destinations along the northern corridor of Ohio and beyond.