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1980 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
02-26-80 Minutes of the 322nd Meeting pdf 931 KB Download
07-02-80 Minutes of the 323rd Meeting pdf 806 KB Download
08-11-80 Minutes of the 324th Meeting pdf 760 KB Download
10-07-80 Minutes of the 325th Meeting pdf 1098 KB Download
12-17-80 Minutes of the 326th Meeting pdf 1113 KB Download

1980 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1980 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 59-80-01 - Repairs, Resurfacing & Guardrail Improvements between MP 127.3 and MP 132.0 - Ohio Road Paving Co pdf 360 KB Download
02-1980 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 59-80-02 - Repairs, Resurfacing & Guardrail Improvements between MP 144.0 and MP 153.5 - Northern Ohio Paving Co pdf 371 KB Download
03-1980 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 59-80-03 - Repairs, Resurfacing & Guardrail Improvements between MP 230.6 and MP 241.2 - City Asphalt and Paving Company pdf 368 KB Download
04-1980 Resolution Rejecting Bids for Contracts SS 7-A, SS 7-B and SS 7-C- SS 7-A and 7-B is for Operation of 8 Service Stations and SS 7-C for Operation of all 16 Service Stations pdf 333 KB Download
05-1980 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 55-80-01 for Construction of Toll Plaza and Related Work at Interchange Between the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate Route I-480 - T. J. Hume Co pdf 442 KB Download
06-1980 Resolution Awarding Contract SS 8-A; Operation and or Management of Dual Service Stations located at Service Plazas on the Ohio Turnpike - Oasis Petroleum Corporation pdf 372 KB Download
07-1980 Resolution - Industrial Commission - Provisions Will be Made to Fund the Ongoing Obligations of the Industrial Commission to Former Employees of the Ohio Turnpike Commission pdf 199 KB Download
08-1980 Resolution Adopting Preliminary Budget for the Fiscal Year 1981 and Providing for Reserve Maintenance Fund Deposits During Said Year pdf 342 KB Download
09-1980 Resolution Adopting and Ratifying the Award of Contract RMP 56-80-01; Construction of Bulk Storage Buildings at Certain Maintenance Locations Prior to the Onset of Winter - Seitz Brothers pdf 358 KB Download
10-1980 Resolution Adopting Amendment to Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1980 pdf 333 KB Download
11-1980 Resolution Adopting Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1981 pdf 308 KB Download
12-1980 Resolution Requesting Recommendation as to Revision of the Schedule of Tolls pdf 283 KB Download
13-1980 Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to Take Immediate Action Concerning Award of Construction Contract pdf 358 KB Download
14-1980 Resolution Congratulating and Expressing Appreciation to Jo Ann Davidson - Served as Vice Chairman and Commission Member pdf 200 KB Download