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1951 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
04-03-51 Minutes of the 17th Meeting pdf 614 KB Download
05-01-51 Minutes of the 18th Meeting pdf 681 KB Download
06-05-51 Minutes of the 19th Meeting pdf 395 KB Download
07-03-51 Minutes of the 20th Meeting pdf 503 KB Download
07-1951 Resolution Reports and Recommendations of the Dir. of Highways are Approved and the Alternative Conventional Flow of Traffic Design are Approved pdf 616 KB Download
07-24-51 Minutes of the 21st Meeting pdf 512 KB Download
08-07-51 Minutes of the 22nd Meeting pdf 414 KB Download
08-20-51 Minutes of the 23rd Meeting pdf 124 KB Download
08-24-51 Minutes of the 24th Meeting pdf 266 KB Download
10-02-51 Minutes of the 26th Meeting pdf 794 KB Download
11-06-51 Minutes of the 27th Meeting pdf 676 KB Download
11-28-51 Minutes of the 28th Meeting pdf 751 KB Download
12-04-51 Minutes of the 29th Meeting pdf 728 KB Download

1951 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1951 Resolution that the Attorney General of Ohio is Hereby Requested to Designate Bond Counsel for the Ohio Turnpike Commission pdf 78 KB Download
02-1951 Resolution Resolving that the Ohio Turnpike Commission Regular Monthly Meetings to be Held at Ten-Thirty a.m. on the First Tuesday of Each Month pdf 74 KB Download
03-1951 Resolution Designating Special Counsel to Act and Serve as Bond Counsel for the Ohio Turnpike Commission - Squire, Sanders and Dempsey pdf 692 KB Download
04-1951 Resolution Authorizing the Chairman to Execute the Proposal and Sec.-Treas. to Attest a Copy and Deliver to Blyth & Co., Inc. et al to Serve as Financial Advisor pdf 2118 KB Download
05-1951 Resolution That Engineering Reports and Other Essential Turnpike Data Now or Hereafter Available be Delivered to Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor of the Commission pdf 79 KB Download
06-1951 Resolution Awarding a Contract for Consulting Engineer - J. E. Greiner Company pdf 111 KB Download
08-1951 Resolution Identifying the Project as Ohio Turnpike Project No. 1 and Authorizing and Directing the Said Route of Project to the Governor for His Approval as Required by Law pdf 796 KB Download
09-04-51 Minutes of the 25th Meeting pdf 863 KB Download
09-1951 Resolution Award Employment as General Counsel to the Ohio Turnpike Commission - Frank C. Dunbar Jr., pdf 589 KB Download
10-1951 Resolution Accepting Proposal for Engineering Services - J. E. Greiner Company pdf 252 KB Download
11-1951 Resolution Accepting a Functional Organization Chart During the Construction Period - Retain the Personnel of its Staff and Determine Their Duties and Rates of Compensation pdf 99 KB Download
12-1951 Resolution Expressing the Commission's Sympathy on the Untimely Death of Ray F. Smock - Sec. of Highways for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pdf 113 KB Download
13-1951 Resolution Changing the Regular Commission Meeting Dated from January 1, 1952 to January 2, 1952 pdf 92 KB Download