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1978 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
02-06-78 Minutes of the 311th Meeting pdf 802 KB Download
05-09-78 Minutes of the 312th Meeting pdf 1000 KB Download
09-14-78 Minutes of the 313th Meeting pdf 1645 KB Download
10-11-78 Minutes of the 314th Meeting pdf 699 KB Download
12-19-78 Minutes of the 315th Meeting pdf 1092 KB Download

1978 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-1978 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 59-78-1 - Repair and Resurfacing Between MP 39.0 and MP 48.6 - S. E. Johnson Company pdf 358 KB Download
02-1978 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 59-78-2 - Repair and Resurfacing Between MP 161.0 and MP 173.0 - The Wm. L. Schloss Paving Company pdf 363 KB Download
03-1978 Resolution for Election of Vice Chairman for the Unexpired Term of Daniel E. Bricker - Clarence D. Rogers Jr., pdf 153 KB Download
04-1978 Resolution Expressing Comission's Sorrow and Extending Sympathy to Widow and Children on the Death of Daniel E. Bricker pdf 316 KB Download
05-1978 Resolution Releasing a Portion of Parcel No. 160-E and the Entire Parcel No. 160-E-1 - To Director of ODOT pdf 408 KB Download
06-1978 Resolution Authorizing Lease of Certain Real Property Including the Utility Bldg Comprising a Part of the Former TP at Old Interchange 10 to the Cleve. Metro Park Dist pdf 972 KB Download
07-1978 Resolution Commemorating the Long and Outstanding Service of O. L. Teagarden - Chairman, Vice Chairman and Commission Member pdf 362 KB Download
08-1978 Resolution Recognizing the Existence of an Emergency - August 17, 1978 A Tanker Truck Crashed and Burned on the Cuyahoga River Bridge at MP 176.9 Rendering Bridge Unusable pdf 320 KB Download
09-1978 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 24-78-2 - Removal and Replacement of Type A and Type 5 Guardrail from MP 80.0 to MP 120.0 - The Paul E. Bleile Co., pdf 406 KB Download
10-1978 Resolution Declaring the Necessity of Appropriating Property and Directing that Proceedings to Effect Such Appropriation be Begun and Prosecuted in Sandusky County pdf 1361 KB Download
11-1978 Resolution Adopting Preliminary Budget for the Fiscal Year 1979 and Providing for Reserve Maintenance Fund Deposits During Said Year pdf 467 KB Download
12-1978 Resolution Adopting Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1979 pdf 355 KB Download
13-1978 Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of Proposal for Consulting Engineering Services - J. E. Greiner Company pdf 664 KB Download
14-1978 Resolution Awarding Contract RMP 38-78-12 - Furnishing and Installation of Microwave Comm Equip at 8 Maint Bldg & Admin Bldg - Collins Transmission Sys. Div., Rockwell Intl pdf 391 KB Download
15-1978 Resolution Authorizing Issuance of New Bonds in the Principal Amount of 4,000 to Replace Bonds Owned by Milton C. Oakes of Mansfield, Ohio pdf 391 KB Download