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2001 Commission Meeting Minutes

Title Type Size
02-12-01 Minutes of the 465th Meeting pdf 77 KB Download
03-26-01 Minutes of the 466th Meeting pdf 56 KB Download
05-14-01 Minutes of the 467th Meeting pdf 52 KB Download
06-11-01 Minutes of the 468th Meeting pdf 47 KB Download
07-23-01 Minutes of the 469th Meeting pdf 87 KB Download
09-24-01 Minutes of the 470th Meeting pdf 64 KB Download
11-05-01 Minutes of the 471st Meeting pdf 68 KB Download
12-10-01 Minutes of the 472nd Meeting pdf 88 KB Download

2001 Commission Meeting Resolutions

Title Type Size
01-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 43-00-03 - Part A and B - Bridge Deck Replacement - Stanley Rd Bridge at MP 201.80 and Lyntz Rd Bridge atMP 214.34 pdf 36 KB Download
02-2001 Resolution Awarding Contracts for Construction of Middle Ridge SP under Contract No. 53-99-03 and Vermilion Valley SP under Contract No. 53-99-04 pdf 55 KB Download
03-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 56-00-01 - Renovations and Additions to Castalia Maintenance Building at MP 106.7 in Erie County pdf 36 KB Download
04-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 56-00-02 and 56-00-03 - Renovations and Additions to Amherst Maint. Bldg at MP 141.0 and Boston Maint. Bldg. at MP 173.9 pdf 39 KB Download
05-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 59-01-01 - Part A and B - Repairs, Resurfacing and Guardrail Improvements WB and EB at MP 118.80 to 127.23 in Erie County pdf 36 KB Download
06-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 59-01-02 - Repairs, Resurfacing WB and EB from MP 230.55 to 241.26 - Guardrail Imrpovements EB and WB from MP 223.30 to MP 241.26 in Mahoning County pdf 36 KB Download
07-2001 Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of the Commission's 2001 Request For Proposal for Underwriting Services pdf 38 KB Download
08-2001 Resolution to Authorized and Issue a Declaration of Official Intent with Respect to Reimbursement of Temporary Advances Made for Capital Expenditures to be Made from Subsequent Borrowings pdf 40 KB Download
09-2001 Resolution Adopting and Promulgating Amended Rules for the Control and Regulation of Traffic pdf 39 KB Download
10-2001 Resolution Authorizing Release of Interest in Parcel No. 11-19-WL - I77 pdf 36 KB Download
11-Resolution Awarding Contract No. 46-01-01 - Furnish and Apply Retro-Reflective Pavement Markings on the Ohio Turnpike from MP 0.0 to MP 230.55 pdf 36 KB Download
12-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 58-00-03 - Parts A, B and C - Renovations of Interchange 13 formerly TP-1 - Bryan Montpelier Located at MP 13.5 in Williams County pdf 36 KB Download
13-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract TRM 8C-7 for Cleaning and Janitorial Services at Portage and Brady's Leap Service Plazas pdf 52 KB Download
14-2001 Resolution Awarding Contracts to Furnish Underwriting Services for the Commission's 2001 Revenue Bond Offering for New Money pdf 38 KB Download
16-2001 Resolution Expressing Appreciation of Earl W Williams pdf 39 KB Download
17-2001 Resolution Declaring the Necessity of Appropriating a Property Interest and Directing that Proceedings to Effect Such Appropriation be Begun and Prosecuted - Rowley Property pdf 18 KB Download
20-2001 Resolution Authorizing the Exe Dir to Reject Bids and Take Action Concerning Award of Contract No. 43-01-02 - Reconstruction of CSX Railroad Bridge over the Turnpike at MP 157.2 pdf 38 KB Download
21-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 77-01-01 - Third Lane Construction from MP 151.77 to 155.78 and Slope Repair from MP 157.60 to MP 157.70 in Cuyahoga County pdf 36 KB Download
22-2001 Resolution Awarding Contract No. 77-01-02 - Third Lane Construction from MP 168.68 to 172.02 in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties pdf 36 KB Download
23-2001 Resolution Awarding a Contract for the Purchase of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for a One-Year Period pdf 36 KB Download
24-2001 Resolution Authorizing the Exe. Dir. to Take Action Concerning Award of Contract No. 26-01-01 - Demolition of Existing Standard Roadway Lighting - Installation of High-Mast Lighting pdf 36 KB Download
25-2001 Resolution Concerning the Financial Condition of the Commission pdf 49 KB Download
26-2001 Resolution Authorizing a Modification to the Dated Date of the State of Ohio Turnpike Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2001 Series B Heretofore Authorized pdf 50 KB Download
27-2001 Resolution Concerning Award of Contract Pursuant to Invitation No. 3823 - 57,800 Tons of Sodium Chloride aka Rock Salt pdf 38 KB Download
28-2002 Resolution Adopting Preliminary Budget for the Year 2002 and Providing for Deposits Required Under the 1994 Trust Agreement During Said Year pdf 39 KB Download
29-2001 Resolution Expressing Appreciation of Ruth Ann Leever pdf 38 KB Download
30-2001 Resolution Adopting Proposed Budget of the Year 2002 and Providing for Deposits Required Under the 1994 Trust Agreement During said Year pdf 39 KB Download
31-2001 Resolution Ratifying Award of Contract for the Operation of the Food Concessions, including Unit 4 at the Portage and Brady's Leap SP under Contract No. TR-8C pdf 38 KB Download
32-2001 Resolution Accepting the Proposals and Authorizing the Executive Director to Take Further Action Concerning Award of Contract TR-8D for Middle Ridge and Vermilion Valley SPs at MP 139.5 pdf 39 KB Download
33-2001 Resolution Confirming Election of Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer pdf 51 KB Download