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Resolutions 2019

April 15, 2019

21-2019 Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Twleve Pickups & Six Vans Under DAS
22-2019 Resolution Selecting Chagrin Valley for Repair and Resurfacing Project No. 59-19-03 (REBID)
23-2019 Resolution selecting SMCI for Slope and Ditch Repairs Project No. 70-19-01
24-2019 Resolution Selecting Shelly Co. for Hauling PCS Inv. 4337 and Allied Waste for PCS Landfill Inv. 4339
25-2019 Resolution Authorizing Agreement w. AP Cleaning for Janitorial Services at SP-8

March 18, 2019

13-2019 Resolution re-Election of Secretary-Treasurer
14-2019 Resolution Approving Selection of Aero-Mark, Inc. for Pavement Markings Project No. 46-2019
15-2019 Resolution Selecting APBN for Bridge Repainting 40-19-01
16-2019 Resolution Selecting Gerken for Repair and Resurfacing Project No. 59-19-01
17-2019 Resolution Rejecting Bid Received on Project No. 59-19-03
18-2019 Resolution Authorizing the Hiram Roof Replacement Under ODOT COOP
19-2019 Resolution Selecting Allen Chase for Herbicide Application Inv. 4338
20-2019 Resolution authorizing Jacobs to perform CSC Implementation support services Task 4

February 25, 2019

8-2019 Resolution Appointing ED and Asst. Sec-Treasurer
9-2019 Resolution Rejecting Bid Received on Project No. 59-19-01 (1)
10-2019 Resolution Selecting Kokosing Project No. 43-19-02 (1)
11-2019 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of 2 Truck Cab & Chassis and 2 Bucket Truck Bodies
12-2019 Resolution Authorizing 5 No Change Rules with JCARR

January 28, 2019

1-2019 Resolution Approving the Selection of TransCore LP for CSC System
2-2019 Resolution Awarding Kokosing Project No. 43-19-03
3-2019 Resolution Awarding Miller Bros. Project No. 43-19-07
4-2019 Resolution Awarding Corrosion Resistence Ltd 40-19-02
5-2019 Resolution Authorizing Hill for Project Mgmnt & CI on PR-TCS Projects
6-2019 Resolution Selecting AECOM as Consulting Engineer 2019-2023
7-2019 Resolution Awarding Contract to Crafco for Joint Sealant Under Inv. 4329


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